Anthony De Longis, of Canyon Country, CA: Famous Hollywood fight coordinator and weapons expert endorses Colin Dangaard tack. Click HERE to read more about this fascinating man and why he exclusively rides in Aussie saddles.

Aniele Gottwald, of Ojai, CA: is riding wild mustangs from Southern California to The Sacred Headwaters in British Columbia on a Colin Dangaard Bareback Saddle. Read about her HERE.

Sharon Connolly, of Liberty, Pennsylvania: finds the Colin Dangaard Bareback Saddle just right for all sizes of horse and mules... see photos HERE.

Karen Nelson, of Silver Springs, Nevada: this legendary endurance rider rode the Tevis Cup in a Colin Dangaard saddle. Read why HERE.

Beth Hamil, of Pismo Beach, CA: needed saddles for her unusual Norwegian Fjord mares, and with the help of Colin Dangaard she found just the right ones. See them HERE.

Doug Ramey, from the Withlacoochee Forest, Florida, found just the right saddle for his 16hh mule Toby. See it HERE.

Kerry Albertine, from East Malibu Hills, CA: rides her draft cross in Colin Dangaard's saddle and tack. Read why HERE.

Elaine Little, of the Meadows of Dan, Virginia: rides her mule in an Endurance Light Saddle. Read why HERE.

Kimberly Wallace, of Plympton, Massachusetts: rides in an Aussie Bareback Saddle. See why HERE.

Amy Vanderzanden, of Independence, Oregon: rides in a Mounted Sheriff's Posse and for pleasure in a Mustermaster saddle. See and read why HERE.

Douglas Ward, from Woodbridge, Virginia never sat in a saddle that actually fit him until he got his Colin Sport. Read about it HERE.

Wayne Jason, of Pasadena, CA: switched from riding bareback and bought his first saddle from Colin Dangaard. Read why HERE.

Jody Burrage, of Lafayette, Georgia: this professional farrier with Colin's help found just the right saddle for his hard-to-fit-horse. See it HERE.

Kristina Fender, of Whitehall, Maryland: has found the sheepskin bareback saddle is the saddle she has been looking for, for both her and her husband's horses. See their photos and read about them HERE.

Janie Giauque, of Lakeview Terrace, CA: chose the light weight Bareback Saddle after a shoulder injury, and talks about how much she likes and trusts Colin HERE.

Robin M. Williams of Belgrade, MT: needed a saddle to fit her big Sugarbush Harlequin Draft horse, and returned to Colin Dangaard with this special request and got just the thing. Read about it HERE.

Joan & Ingolf Klengler, of Glendale Rancho, CA: both ride in Aussie saddles. Read why HERE.

Ron Goodmark, of Northport, NY: relies on his Southern Cross Poley to give him the confidence he needs to ride in all sorts of varied terrain. See examples HERE.

Sheila Kuntz, of Simi Valley, CA: has ridden bareback since childhood, and now the Colin Dangaard Aussie Bareback Saddle is perfect for her. See why HERE.

Jennifer Glassman has worn out two saddles after several years of hard riding. See her new horse modeling one of the saddles HERE.

Isabelle Donovan, of Fullerton, CA: loves her new comfy and beautiful Colin Poley SS, see her horse modeling it HERE.

Shanna Lynn Harper, of Camarillo, CA:  "Thank you Colin Dangaard; I love my new bareback saddle with stirrups and so does Shiner! Love you!"

Connie Vasquez, of Oroville, CA:  "The used Aussie saddle I bought was turning white and had the consistency of very stiff cardboard. I cleaned it up and reconditioned it with all of the goodies you recommended. In fact, it drank up the entire bottle of leather oil. I shot one before picture and a few after pictures. They really don't do it justice. The transformation is amazing. The leather is quite supple now. Thank you Colin! ((( - :"

Barb Kizer, of Lusk, Wyoming :  "Thanks for refitting my saddle that I have been riding on another horse for many years. Great job!! Great to deal with a real expert who knows what he is doing!!"

Rex Wager, publisher of Bridle & Bit Magazine, Arizona: "Colin is one of the top horsemen in the world and knows his stuff about horses and people."

Valery Peterson, of Florida :  "Just finished riding my new bareback saddle. What in incredible piece of equipment. I feel more close to the horse than I ever have. He can feel me and I can feel him. What a wonderful concept. I am thrilled. Thank you THANK YOU!!!"

Mallory of Malibu, CA : "I own four of your saddles, but I just can't help buying more. I ride almost exclusively in the bareback saddles. And thank you so much for custom making and designing for me a bareback saddle that enables me to remove the cantle. I travel a lot, and ride everywhere I go, so packing my bareback saddle is just something I have to do. Now I can remove the cantle and fold it up the whole saddle and put it in a much smaller carry bag. What a great concept, Colin. Thank you again, and again! I need to buy just one more bareback saddle -- in pink!"

(Colin's note: of course, I listen to my customers, and they give me my best ideas. Mallory is an example. I now have an ADJUSTABLE SEAT BAREBACK SADDLE. Check it out, click on SHOP. Thank you Mallory!!)

Amber Boggs :  "New website is looking awesome. And I don't buy for a second you are 75. Sending much love and prayers and blessings your way. So honored to have one of your saddles and call you a friend."

Joanne Pino Cava, of New York : "Love the new website."

Jo Ann Hitman :  "Dear Colin, I am glad I took the plunge and put my faith in you when it came time to order a "real" Australian saddle.  Your customizing of the saddle and pad according to my wither tracings has resulted in what seems like a perfect fit on my odd little horse.  The recommendation to add an Aussie breastplate was also right on the  money. As a result, my horse is lifting his back and snuffling (I'm not sure what else to call the gentle blowing that signals relaxation, comfort and adrenaline release.).  Another benefit from my end of the saddle is a virtual elimination of side-to-side rolling, so I don't find myself periodically hiking the saddle over to the right or left regardless of how evenly I try to sit. If I line the saddle up correctly when tacking up--easy on my line-back dun--that's where it stays.  By the way, I've started to love the tackaberry cinch system. While I'm still refining my rising trot because of the poleys, I feel very secure in the saddle.  My horse, although usually quiet, can be very quick and turn around on a dime. He's done one or two little "boogers," and I never moved. The leather and looks of everything are lovely. It was nice to have a saddle that was soft and supple right out of the box. I especially appreciated having western style fenders that didn't need to be set with a broom handle for days. What's more, I'm able to get my right foot into the stirrup without having to fish for it or turn it manually, which can be dangerous on some horses. Now that I have treated everything with your magic Aussie saddle oil, it has started to take on a  nice rich patina; and I don't feel like a drug store cowboy. Thanks for your help, advice and patience with my questions and learning curve. I realize that my history in dressage and natural horsemanship make me pickier than the average bear. Happy trails."

Tim Cope :  thought an Aussie saddle was just the ticket for a 5,000-mile ride. Get his book On the Trail of Genghis Khan: An Epic Journey Through the Land of the Nomads from Amazon and see what he, his horse and this saddle went through!

Michelle Bailey :  "Hello Colin:  I am the proud owner of a Patrol Poley Mark II. At 60 yrs. old and not as fast moving as I used to be ...I find myself "starting" a high spirited and overly athletic warmblood. We have had some pretty spectacular "melt downs" and I am totally amazed that I am still firmly attached in the saddle when the dust settles!!!
The extra Wide Safety Oxbow stirrups are also still on the ball of my foot as well.
I would NOT have continued to try and start this horse had I not had this saddle.
Thank you for giving me the pleasure of beginning a great journey with the beautiful horse that I bred.

Dawn :   "Hello, Colin;   This morning I went through the usual routine as if I was preparing him for a ride. Then I brought the saddle for him to look at - and he really scrutinized it and sniffed thoughtfully at the cantle, etc., but didn't snort at it, which he does when he is suspicious - all the while talking to him. Then I put it on his back and he was totally relaxed. After tightening the girth I walked along side of him around the paddock first, then I got on him. I think it fits him beautifully around the withers, and it felt very comfortable to me. I haven't attached the breastplate yet - that comes next. Thank you again for your help - and we really enjoyed the conversations, hope we didn't take up too much of your time - and complement Valentine Vasquez on my behalf for his skill. Hope you did receive the photo I sent of Patron and his new saddle."

Linda Branchfield :  "Thanks for answering all my questions and guiding me in ordering the Muster Master. This saddle is wonderful, it fits my horse well. This is the first time he has not tried to buck while being saddled.
Also, thank you for ALL the extra work!"

Lee Pello :  "Love, love my Survivor Mark II, sounds like a fancy racecar! I must confess that it was hard switching from my dressage saddle, my husband kept on me about using the Aussie saddle, his nickname for my horse is Powder Keg! So I compromised and started riding every other day with my dressage and Aussie saddles, it was hard adjusting to the posting at first and it just felt different. I ride trails and had a couple close encounters with rattlesnakes in my path which caused some big movements from my horse but I sat snug with that Aussie saddle! Lost my stirrup once with a big sideways jump but those poleys kept me centered and I was sold on my Survivor saddle! I want to ride forever and have found the saddle to help me accomplish that, I can now post just as well as I did with my dressage saddle which is covered with dust and goes no where! LOL. Thanks for making a wonderful saddle that will help me accomplish my goal of riding forever until I'm OLD and GREY!"

Rich :  "I received my order last night. Perfect fit and look. You will be my recommendation as a source from here on out."
Note: Richard bought a Mare's Leg holster, and a regular .45 holster to match

Paddy :  "Hi Colin, My Brisbane fits my partner very well. We both love it--and it fits all 3 of our horses.Also fits several of our friends. I've attached pictures.
I have ordered a sheepskin seat cover to make it fit me.
I'm really enjoying your book. Will give you full comments when I've finished.
Ciao !"

Chris Wipff :  Right out of the box
"Dear Colin & Dawn:
Here's the Southern Cross, minus horn and adjusted up in front. (Just like in your "awling video," Colin, it no longer wants to poke his shoulder.) I expect it will settle some, but this is right out of the box. Looks good? Felt great to ride and I am not missing that horn! P.S. After serving another rider for, oh, I dunno, eight or nine or ten years, my original "Ringer" has come back to me (I plan to use it for students and guests). It is woefully beat up from a cosmetic standpoint, but it is still an amazing little saddle. Rode it on this horse while the Southern Cross was enjoying its makeover and felt completely at home in it. I wouldn't trade either or my Aussies for anything else I've ever ridden. Thanks, Dawn, for expediting. Best."

Fiona :   THANK YOU!!!
"Hi Colin I just wanted to say thank you so much for all your help in fitting a Saddle to my horse Spirit. I LOVE my new Muster Master and I think he does too as he has stopped fidgeting when I go to put the saddle on and the sweat pattern was nice and even today. I feel so much more confident and secure in that saddle and it is very, very comfortable - no aching hips, or back like I usually get after riding. I just need to get used to the Poleys though as I am sporting a few prime bruises on my thighs! Thank you once again - I will be recommending you to all my friends.
Very best wishes."

Larry Chapman : Subject: Fox Poley Saddle
 "Sir, I have a Fox Poley Saddle I purchased from you in January 2010, a great saddle and an awesome ride. One of my young horses flipped over in the round pen and damaged the left knee pad, and I would like to know if you can send a replacement part so I could take the saddle to a shop and have it sewn on. I would send it back to you, but don't want to be without my saddle that long. I have three young mares I am training and this saddle is perfect for riding green horses and very stable and allows for much better balance than my roping saddles.
Colin's response:
 Larry, if you give me a call, 818 889-6988 I can perhaps give you instructions on how YOU can fix this saddle. I need to know exactly what the damage is.
Cheers, Colin

Donna Norgaard :  Subject: saddle fit
 "Hi Colin,
I wanted to thank you for changing my saddle to fit my mule. He said he is MUCH happier now that it fits. I would have sent it before, but did not know it could be done. That makes the Aussie saddle a much better buy now that I know I can have it changed to fit different animals. Looking forward to my next new saddle.

Ann Sampson,of  Lincoln, Nebraska :  Hi Colin
" I know it's been a while since I got my saddle, but I wanted to let you know that as of today, I've had three different people ride in the saddle; and two of them being very experienced and solid riders, totally LOVED the saddle!! They said that they had never ridden in a saddle so comfy and that "they could ride all day long" in it!! YAYS hollered out your way Colin for your wonderful saddle making and skill! Thank you!! BTW - One of the ladies, Leigh, said that she was confident that there was NO WAY that she could be dumped out of it either! Just wanted to share and say thank you once again!
Wishing you a wonderful and blessed Christmas!"

John and Joy :  Subject: Special Thank You to Colin and John
"Thank you so much . Your expertise and willingness to help is appreciated beyond what you can imagine. We met you at Equine Affaire in Springfield, MA. We brought our old un-useable saddle that we purchased from a classified ad. And you folks provided us with parts that not only made it functional but safe. We are anxiously awaiting our first chance to experience all the good things we have heard and read about an Aussie saddle.
Thank you."

Sheryl Hiebert : Hi Colin! September 11, 2010
"My husband loves his new Survivor Mach II! He enjoys his horse even more because of the saddle. Very comfortable ride and really makes you more one with the horse. Your customer service was incredible. You truly stand behind your products.  It has truly been a pleasure doing business with you."


Kathy Parks :   Subject: Bronco Poley
"I wanted you to know how happy I am with my Bronco Poley. My horse fell going up a hill, and wanted you to know that the saddle saved me from going over his head and under him. ** Thumbs up*** Thank you. Just suffered some nasty bruising from the horn. Anyhow...I just wanted to say thanks!!"


Irina Bruflot :  "An Endurance Lite goes to Norway for a Donkey! I am very pleased with the saddle for my donkey that I bought from you. The saddle is VERY comfortable. I am now looking for a saddle for my husband's horse. The horse is of Norwegian Fjord horse breed. This breed has low wide withers and short wide back. I'll send you a fax with the wither tracing of the horse in a short while. Could you check if you have a saddle that will fit the horse? We made 2 sets of wither tracing: the 1st one is as you require on your site. But my husband places the saddle approx. 5 cm behind the withers. So we made another set of tracings on the place my husband puts the saddle. So, I'll fax you 2 sets of wither tracing. Please, let me know if you have a saddle for the horse and which saddle fits best. Thanks."


Kevin W :  To: Linda    Date: Thu, 23 Sep 2010
"Thank you for a beautiful, perfectly fitted saddle for this Mounted Shooter. Occasional you can buy a product and service that meets or exceeds your expectations. Rarely do you find a product and service that surpasses your highest expectations. Your Half-Seat Shootist saddle and the fitting was one of these very rare situations for me. My horse, Gracie, I knew was going to be a difficult fit. She is a tall, but narrow, Tennessee Walker with high withers. My personal body has it's own issues, requiring long leg length and a narrow body width. I thought, for years, that a personal visit and measuring was going to be necessary. I followed Colin's easy measurement guide, shaped and drew the lines for submission. I received a great fitting saddle for myself and my horse. My highest expectations were greatly exceeded by the quality of the saddle, the fit and the beauty of the saddle. The bridle, breast collar, shootist cuffs and cinch were also impressive. The communications was excellent. You have impressed, this not easily impressed, former healthcare executive, current Angus cattleman and mounted shooter.
Colin, thank you, Linda and your staff for the courtesy and assistance you have shown".

Jeff T :   Date: Mon, 28 Jun 2010
Subject: Re: April 10th order: Custom leggings
"What a great phone call. What excellent customer service. Once I receive them and try them on, I will be sure to CALL you!"
On Mon, Jun 28, 2010: Dan, got everything, and working on it, mate! Cheers, Colin D.

NOTE: Dan ordered a pair of custom-made canvas leggings, and somehow the order went astray. He called us. We tracked it down. And we jumped right on it.


David H:     Date: Fri, 9 Jul 2010
Subject: patrol poley saddle
"Dear Colin, I am not very adept at using this e mail stuff. I am trying to send you a note that the patrol poley arrived Wed and I was able to get it on several horses Thursday. The fit for me is great. I feel very snug in the seat and believe this saddle is going to be great for riding young, sometimes temperamental colts. I like the quality of the leather. I have never used a tackaberry and wasn't certain I would stay with it but now that I see how it works in the real world I like it a lot. I am enjoying the experience and just wanted you to know."

Elaine Macdonal of Lancaster, CA Date: Wed, 12 May 2010
Subject: Re: Elaine Macdonal's saddle
"Hi Colin, Here we are with our new adjusted saddle, breast fleece collar and hobbles. Was a cold and windy day."

Cheers, Colin D.

Dora Psiakis : diamonddmules@sbcglobal.net    Date: Sat, 27 Feb 2010
Subject: Maria's Saddle
"Hi there Colin,
 I just wanted to tell you how incredibly pleased we are with the saddle! Maria loves it! The deep carving is just gorgeous, the color matches Pumpkin the mule perfectly, and the saddle fit is superb! I mean the centerfire rigging kept the saddle in place that there was not even one hair out of place!! We will send pictures and have Maria send in a testimonial too!! Wow, thanks again for everything and let me know seriously if you need a contact out here in Ohio to represent you and your saddles. I would love to help you sell them."
DiaMond D Mule Farm
Hillsboro, OH


Here is a Poem Colin received from Caroline Evarts a customer

Western saddles hurt my knees
English saddles can cause a breeze
Give me an Aussie if you please!

From straight down slides
to long all-day rides
Aussie saddles can save our hides.

For half-broke youngsters, non-riding guests,
children who don't hang on the best,
these are the reason for Aussies out West.

Bronc-y steeds that are hard to fit
don' upset Colin one-little-bit;
he'll set you up with such a handsome kit.

You can ride dressage or endurance,
chase cows, jump low or cross racing currants,
this saddle does all, don't miss my inference.

So when great style is wanted for you
and your faithful steed perfectly tailored-to
call Colin, (818 309-8125) It's the only thing to do!