Aussie Saddles in the Movies

Anthony De Longis, the man who taught Indiana Jones to crack the Aussie whip.


The saddles made by colin dangaard are endorsed by famous hollywood fight director and trainer anthony de longis

Rancho Indalo ( is a one-stop multi-skills training facility that uses Colin Dangaard Aussie tack exclusively.

The ranch is located on top of the mountains in Canyon Country, about 45 minutes north of Universal Studios. This is where Anthony De Longis has his school and where he teaches, trains and stays performance sharp. 

Disciplines include whips, swords, weapons on horseback, on-site live fire gun range, archery, knife and hawk throwing, 400 foot zip line, world class riding opportunities, fine dining and spa.

He gets clients both local and international who come to learn and train and add to their skills. He has taught and performed with such worthies as Harrison Ford, Michelle Pfeiffer, Jet Li, Tom Cruise, Brendan Fraser, Christian Kane, Anjelica Huston, Bo Derek, Placido Domingo, etc.

He's got tons of weapons and has horses trained for all of them.

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Anthony De Longis at Rancho Indalo

Anthony De Longis at Rancho Indalo