Terms of Service

  1. We want to make your horse happy, because we know that will make you happy. Colin Dangaard has fit more Australian Stock Saddles to horses than any other living person. He has been doing it for over six decades.

  2. After fitting over 10,000 horses, he has made an amazing discovery: all horses are similar, but no two are the same. It is the nature of horses to please their keepers, so it is therefore important that they understand what we want. It is also the nature of horses to be suspicious of anything that is new, especially a saddle that is being put on their back. So approach with caution, when introducing the new saddle. Let the horse sniff it, examine it, and when he turns his head away, you know he couldn't care less. Then gently put it on his back. Take your time!

  3. We do custom work on any saddle, any piece of leather equipment. Tell us your desire. Drawings and actual dimensions are very helpful.

  4. We never rush work. Perfection takes time. We will try our best to give you a reasonable ETA.

  5. A restock fee of 25% is applied to all refunds on CUSTOM WORK, which is work on any product that has been altered or added to according to customer's request.