Many reasons. They most always cost less. And when you buy used from us, the saddles have been taken apart and thoroughly gone over, so we can guarantee them as we would a new  saddle, with a 10-year warranty on the tree. At that time we also custom fit them to the horse or mule, which is always the easy part. The horse has only one opinion: does this thing on my back hurt or not hurt. We make sure it does not hurt, which is why Colin got in the saddle business in the first place, four decades ago. He loves horses, and he has dedicated his life to making the job easier of the horse or mule.

Another reason for buying new is that the saddle has a "comfy" feel, like your favorite pillow! Leather that has been cared for is more user-friendly when it is has had some butt time. When it hasn't been loved, it is usually a sad story. Buying used, however, requires some luck. First the particular saddle must fit you, and it must be suitable for the horse -- a fleece panel for round back, and a stuffed panel for high withers. Mules are actually easier to fit because they have variations of a back that is invariably straight. Horses have "sway" variations that go on forever. However, we try hard to get used saddles, but the big problem is people rarely return them, because they work so well when we fit them to the horse, and the rider. But we are always in the hunt and like to take on saddles on consignment, where we get the best price we can, and take 30 per cent commission. Most of our used saddles come in because the rider gained weight or lost weight -- or he or she went on to ride with the angels where horses and mules go forever, and they don't need to be fed!  

We harvest previously owned saddles from many sources -- consignment, trade-ins, estates. Every saddle has a purpose and needs an owner. Contrary to popular belief, saddles do not become more valuable sitting unused in the barn! So if they are no longer needed, for whatever reason, it is a good idea to send them to us on consignment, or trade them in for something that will be more suitable. We have many options, and can always offer sound advice. We restore them, put on a reasonable price, and take 30 percent commission. On the high end saddles, we restore the 10-year tree guarantee.

Saddles should be sent to:

Colin Dangaard    184 N. Kanan Dume Road, Malibu, CA, 90265.

We always have many previously owned saddles in stock, they rotate regularly. To discuss which might be right for you, call Colin and give him your weight and height and a description of the horse. He can then tell you about a range of saddles available that might work. Once a saddle has been selected, then Colin will ask for more precise measurements and a photo of the horse.

PREVIOUSLY OWNED SADDLES move in and out of inventory rapidly. If you see something that interests you, call Colin on his cell 818-309-8125 and ask about availability. If you have a saddle you are no longer using, perhaps placing it for resale will make your dream Aussie Saddle more affordable.

If you want to talk about it, call Colin on his cell 818 309-8125

or the main office 818 889-6988

or email tassc@aol.com