Janie Giauque

Janie with her new Bareback Saddle

Janie with her new Bareback Saddle

Janie Giauque wanted a lightweight saddle to accommodate a shoulder injury that was making it hard to lift up heavier saddles. She has been a longtime customer of Colin Dangaard, and knew she wanted her new saddle to be one from him, but she had a thousand questions about the bareback saddle..... all of which were answered when she rode it for the first time.

"Colin Dangaard has integrity, which is why I have been buying saddles from him for thirty years. He knows what he is doing, and with me he has never been wrong. He is a gift to anybody who has an Aussie saddle or wants one.

The Bareback Saddle he built for me is more comfortable that I thought it would be on my Tennessee Walker Skye.

And it doesn't move!"