Lulu's Horse.....

woman and horse

I have a wonderful Australian friend, Lulu is her name, She is a true beauty and she got this idea that she wanted to own a horse and learn how to ride. I said great, I could help. I first taught her how to sit, hold the reins, and communicate with the horse by projecting images of what she wanted the horse to do. She was a good student. Picked it all up very quickly. Then she wanted her own horse, so I helped her buy a beautiful Tennessee Walking mare from Georgia. The horse arrived and I put it in a stall and then told Lulu she would now bond up with the mare.
"Good," she said, "I'll come back tomorrow."
"No," I said, "you are going to sleep here tonight with the horse."
She looked incredulous. "You mean, on the ground...?"
"Yes," I said, "I'll get a sleeping bag for you."
"But what if the horse steps on me."
"Well, if that happens, I would say the exercise is not going well."
Now we are talking here about a lady who is married to one of Australian's richest men, and has spent most of her eight years with him staying in $1,000-a-night-hotel rooms around the most glamorous parts of the world.
She is extraordinarily beautiful and elegant.
She looks now at the dirt on the stall floor.
"You're kidding, right?"
"No, I'm not. This will be the most important night of your life."
"What will happen....?"
"If all goes well sometime during the night the horse will come over and look down on you and be absolutely amazed to have a human being in such a vulnerable position. She can kill you, if she wishes. But she will probably make a murmuring noise and will touch you with just a whisker."
Lulu is dumbfounded, if not appalled.
"Later, when she comes over again,  you will rub her forehead. and talk nicely to her."
Lulu looks at the horse, then at the dirt. . .
I continue: "And if all goes well when you wake up in the morning she will be laying across the door, right over there, protecting you."
And that is what happened.
That mare became so bonded to Lulu she once almost ran me over to get to her !  

white horse and woman