Unique Collector-Quality Vintage Australian Stock Saddle

Parker Stevenson with his vintage stock saddle

Parker Stevenson with his vintage stock saddle



An exquisite stock saddle made by legendary saddle maker C.A.Stephan, and sold by R.M.Williams, is what actor Parker Stevenson brought back from Australia in the '80's, where he worked on location on the mini series, ALL THE RIVERS RUN. He rode the saddle just once, then displayed it in his Los Angeles house, where it stayed for three decades.

The saddle is built on a wood and steel tree made by Fouright, the most important maker of trees in Australia for half a century. The leather is from Astley's tannery in New Zealand that has not operated for two decades.

Says Parker: "I realize now that it is a treasure, because such a saddle could not be built today. I would like to go to somebody who would use it as it was intended to be used. I no longer have horses. I rode other stock saddles in the series, and immediately liked the comfort and security of the Australian stock saddle. I never rode this one at work because I wanted to keep it pristine."

COLIN DANGAARD is selling the  16" saddle, for $2,000.

Call Colin 818 3098125 and give him your weight and height, and a description of the horse, and he will tell you if it will fit!