Speaking with Horses

Colin Dangaard and Sarah Lyon in a scene from Speaking with Horses series pilot video

Colin Dangaard and Sarah Lyon in a scene from Speaking with Horses series pilot video


The pilot for the new series SPEAKING WITH HORSES has been completed by TVSB: Santa Barbara Community Media. It seeks to illuminate the why of horse-human relationships. How humans can relate to horses in a more comprehensive, clear, and compassionate way.

In this video, host Colin Dangaard journeys to Glen Annie Ranch and meets with and interviews three very different individuals and discusses their communication styles and relationship with equines. Each has a unique perspective, and Colin reaches out to draw from them their personal philosophies and experiences.

First he talks with Sarah Lyon of SRL Sport Horses, who has her own training and boarding facility at Rancho Jonata in Buellton,  and also trains a wide variety of clients at Glen Annie Ranch in Goleta. Well known for her expertise in coaching a diversity of disciplines, Sarah trains hunters, jumpers, equitation, dressage and Western Pleasure. She is an articulate advocate for increasing the communication between equine and rider.

Next he speaks with Kylie Kershaw, about the two rescue horses she boards at Glen Annie, Dream and Blossom. After personal medical challenges led her to believe she would not be able to have horses, she found new strength and purpose in caring for them and bonding with them.

Last we meet Will Friday of Performance Equine Bodywork, a practitioner of the Masterson Method of equine massage and bodywork. He gives a demonstration of methods with a session with a rescue mustang, looking for areas of soreness or tension, to help the horse reach a place of relaxed comfort.

Together these three interviews give insight into just a few of the wide variety of experiences available to those who choose to interact with equines. Check here in the future for more episodes.

To watch this pilot video click on YouTube HERE.