Our MAINTENANCE KIT contains all the items you will need to totally restore an old saddle, or do life-saving maintenance on the saddle you already have. Here are the steps to take in properly restoring an old saddle.

1/ Polish all the metal with the WENOL, without doubt the greatest metal cleaner ever invented.

2/ Completely clean the saddle with the LEATHER CLEANER. This is the only product on the market that actually strips leather of old oil and grease and years of grime and reveals the original leather. Use the sponge to gently work in the cleaner and get a heavy suds going. Then get a fresh bucket of water and, again using the sponge, get rid off all the stuff that has come to the surface.

3/ Let dry in the sun, or a gentle breeze. Keep away from dust at this point.

4/ When the saddle is completely dry, liberally apply the COLIN’S LEATHER OIL, using the brush supplied. This is the original formula developed by Colin four decades ago. It has been copied, but never equaled. Most leather will take two or three coats. When the oil has slowed in its absorption, let dry completely. Store the brush in a zip-lock bag, because you will be using it again in a year or so.

5/ Use the sheepskin supplied to buff the leather.

6/ With your hand, lightly rub on the COLIN’s LEATHER SAVE. Let dry, then buff this with the sheepskin to render a high shine. The action will also buff off the metal once again.

WHEN DONE CORRECTLY, YOU WILL ADD MANY HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS IN VALUE TO YOUR SADDLE. We do this all the time. It is our secret and now YOU know it ! Of course, you will greatly extend the life of your saddle. It is a fact of nature that all leather is in a state of departure from the planet — unless care is taken to restore the oils that once inhabited the hide when the beast was alive!

If the oils are restored, in theory the leather could last forever.

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