We harvest previously owned saddles from many sources -- consignment, trade-ins, estates. Every saddle has a purpose and needs an owner. Contrary to popular belief, saddles do not become more valuable sitting unused in the barn! So if they are no longer needed, for whatever reason, it is a good idea to send them to us on consignment, or trade them in for something that will be more suitable. We have many options, and can always offer sound advice. We restore them, put on a reasonable price, and take 30 percent commission. On the high end saddles, we restore the 10-year tree guarantee.

Saddles should be sent to:

Colin Dangaard    184 N. Kanan Dume Road, Malibu, CA, 90265.

We always have many previously owned saddles in stock, they rotate regularly. To discuss which might be right for you, call Colin and give him your weight and height and a description of the horse. He can then tell you about a range of saddles available that might work. Once a saddle has been selected, then Colin will ask for more precise measurements and a photo of the horse.

If you want to talk about it, call Colin on his cell 818 309-8125 or the main office 818 889-6988 or email 


Bronco Poley with horn. The tree is Fiberglass, but there is much we can do to re-shape it. Saddle weighs 20lbs, and comes complete with stirrups and girth set up for center-fire rigging, which works best with girth rings placed as they are on this saddle.  $695

Squire Poley built on a wood and steel tree, with a padded seat and Big D Western rigging. Option of choice of stirrups. Shown here with leather-covered oxbows. Can also be rigged with Western-style fenders for an additional $100. Saddle as shown, with tackaberry girthing system $695.


A Muster Master Deluxe with horn, in great shape, in a 16" seat, complete with upgraded safety stirrups $1,595.


A Cordura Maverick, solid fiberglass tree, with horn and tackaberry rigging, in a 16" seat, $595. complete


A Gulf Poley with horn, little used. 16" seat   $995


McClellan saddle in excellent condition, fully restored by Colin Dangaard. Needs a horse with high withers. Comes with girth. $695.

The Patrol Poley, with horn, in excellent shape, 17" seat. Price $895 INCLUDES $200 fitting, save $300

Patrol Poley in excellent condition, with horn, 17" seat   $895 includes a $200 fitting (save $400.)

Somerset Poley, made in Australia by Trevor James, with horn. This special custom-made saddle has been built with Big D Western rigging, so it does not need a surcingle. Seat size 17". Sells new for $3,000. Our price $1,395. (includes $200 fitting.)

A rare English All-Purpose from Syd Hill & Sons, 16" seat, sold originally for $3,000. Now $995. unmounted.

Little-used Squire Poley, 16" seat, with monkey grip and leather covered Brady oxbows. $695.

Black Cordura Aussie saddle with horn, $595.

*** Call Colin 818-309-8125  and ask about other Cordura saddles in stock.

A 10lb Cordura Australian saddle, with monkey grip. 18" seat, good for a larger rider. $595 with stirrup leathers suitable for the rider and a girth suitable for the horse.


A Dundee Drafter with an 18" or 19" seat, with horn, and mounted ready to ride. $695. The tree is wood and steel, and can be adjusted to fit any horse. Add $200 for the adjustment fee, if it is needed. For adjustments send Colin a photo of the horse and details about the withers.

Stuffed panel Ringer saddle with horn, 18" seat. This saddle fits a horse with a well-defined wither. Mounted and ready to ride $695.

PREVIOUSLY OWNED SADDLES move in and out of inventory rapidly. If you see something that interests you, call Colin on his cell 818-309-8125 and ask about availability. If you have a saddle you are no longer using, perhaps placing it for resale will make your dream Aussie Saddle more affordable.